Sunday, May 2, 2010

Question of the Week: Do you Judge a book by it's cover?

The "Monday's Question of the Day" is a weekly meme done by Eleni at La Femme Readers. On Monday she asked:

Question: Do you judge a book by its cover? If so, was there a time where you read an amazing book that didn't have an appealing cover?

My Answer: Yes!!! All the time! I don't read a book unless it has a nice cover, that is how I buy them. The weird thing about it is, even book that have been recommended to me as being awesome and completely up my alley, some I hated the covers, and although I didn't prejudge I ended up hating or at least really disliking some of the books. If I can't connect with the cover I know I won't like the book.

 The cover doesn't even have to be visually loud or even appealing. Look at Vampire Academy, to be perfectly honest, I think the covers are a bit dark and nothing overly special BUT when I first saw them I had to have them, something about them just spoke to me and I couldn't resist buying the first three books in the series. The cover doesn't have to be breathtakingly beautiful, I just need to connect with it on some level.

 Then you have Twenties Girl, the back blurb wasn't overly appealing to me, but it was something about the cover, for four weeks I walked into the same shop to see that book staring me in the face and on the last day of my trip I bought it, and loved it.

Iron King is an example of a beautiful cover, but one that I couldn't connect with. Everything about this cover should draw me in like an insect to light. It is absolutely gorgeous, but even now as I look at it, after having read it...meh. It just doesn't do anything for me.

Beautiful Creatures is a good example of a recommendation gone wrong. Everyone says to read it that it is fantastic. Whole websites have been dedicated to it! Even when I bought it, I didn't really know why. The cover does nothing for me, neither did the book.

So there is my answer to the question of the covers. What's yours?


Little Miss Becky :) said...

YES! I'm incredible guilty of judging by the cover. For example, wouldn't even give the Morganville Vampire series a chance, until I saw the UK covers. The US covers were so lame in comparison! Thank goodness for places like Book Depository where you can choose a different country's cover without paying a small fortune!!

A Simple Love of Reading said...

I agree about the Vampire Academy books and am a closet "book cover judger" myself! ;)

jedisakora said...

I'm guilty as well. One of my pet peeves right now is people redoing all covers to look like the horrid twilight books. One principal i won't buy a book that has a similar cover and instead look for other or older editions.

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

I don't have to love a cover to read the book, but most of the time I catch onto new books because of the awesome covers.

Sabrina (about happy books) said...

Dito to what Good Golly Miss Holly said. I don't need a great cover to buy and read a book but I discovered some awesome books because I was drawn to their beautiful covers.

James Garcia Jr said...

Isn't it terrible? Don't judge a book by it's cover is the rule, but many of us are guilty. I know I am. If the cover looks pathetic, I move on. How awful! Being a writer and even simply a lover of reading should have taught me at some point to give every book an equal shot... How come it didn't? Great question!!


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