Friday, May 7, 2010

State your Teams...

Everyone else is doing it, and it might cause room for discussion so yeah...why not?

Buttons by Parajunkee, Idea stemmed from Parajunkee

Button by Parajunkee

  1. Bill's feeling were FAKE
  2. Bill is ugly
  3. Eric is "oh, Lordy!!!" Hot
  4. Have you seen Eric?
  5. Eric is waaaay nicer

Button by Parajunkee

  1. He isn't controlling
  2. He is heaps funnier
  3. Much cuter
  4. It's like having a puppy and a boyfriend all at once
  5. Real men don't sparkle

Button by Parajunkee

  1. Puck is sooo funny!
  2. Ash betrayed Meghan to his mother!
  3. Puck can do soo many tricks
  4. He's famous as...
  5. He's Puck...enough said

Button by Parajunkee

  1. Stark pledged himself to Zoey
  2. Stark can fight...not just spew poetry...
  3. Stark has stuck by Zoey no matter what
  4. He knows the meaning of loyalty
  5. Uber hot bad boy status



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